The course of instruction comprises of all the syllabus prescribed by  Central Broad of Secondary Education, Delhi and prepares the students for  school Examination During course students will be taught English, Kannada, Hindi ,Maths, Science (I to VII) and Social Science(VI to VII)Subjects and Primary levels. The syllabus followed is as per the curriculum provided by the CBSE.


           Qualified lady teachers are appointed to teach the various subjects at the classes from I to VII. The teachers, as to mould the students with full of knowledge, conduct necessary test and practical. Hence the school has got necessary lab facilities. The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is carried on with its true spirit. The teachers are engaged in the holistic development of the children.


           The curriculum goes on imparting vital knowledge of various learning subjects in the same way  learning co-curriculum subjects are essential to the students for developing knowledge of social, competitive life. Through co-curricular activities students will learn to bring out the knowledge hidden in their minds. Art, Physical Education, Moral Education, Computer, Music and Dance are the prescribed co-curricular subjects in our school. The expert teachers teach these subjects. Necessary tests and examinations are conducted for the students. Drawing and Painting of natural sceneries, pictures, animals, and Geometrical designs are taught to the students in art. Students will be given vital knowledge to keep their physical health in sound way through physical education. Students learn to play various games. Annual sports meet is also conducted in every year in which every student will be having an opportunity to present his/her ability in number of sports events. On this day we will conduct sports for parents. Imparting Computer knowledge among small children is the special quality of our school. Our students begin to learn operating computer individually at the stage of 5th standard. They will be given complete theoretic knowledge of computer and will be trained them to maintain and operate the computers individually. For above all the laboratories are used frequently.


        Students those who secure highest places in various competitions conducted by the school in sports and cultural activities will be awarded. The following awards are distributed to the students every year.

  1. General Champion award in Boys

  2. General Champion award in Girls

  3. House Champion award to the house which scores highest points in the Annual Sports meet